Emma Manning

Project Manager

Many years ago, when Millennium Bugs were topping the news sheets and animated gifs were trendy for the first time, we worked with Emma at dotcom company Townpages. She then went off into a career in teaching but has recently decided to move back into digital project management which is excellent news for us and our clients. 

So, why digital project management?

I love good design, and I love technology, when it works. I’ve been working in design and technology, in various roles, all my adult working life, I’m even qualified to teach it at secondary school level.

What is your role at Headscape?

As Project Manager, my role at Headscape essentially sounds simple, I just have to make sure the jobs get done, preferably on time and on budget. In reality, design and development is a collaborative effort, and a decision-making process. My role is partly to make sure everybody has what they need in order to do their jobs well and make the best decisions at each point of the process. I work with clients, consultants, designers and technical developers to ensure the process works as smoothly as possible.

What is your favourite project?

It’s too early for me to have a favourite project but I am already managing projects for British Lung Foundation, LSE, Mental Health Foundation, RAF Benevolent Fund, Royal Hospital Chelsea and UCL.