Colt - website design

Colt initially came to Headscape looking for help on how their site could be improved. We ended up designing and building a new site for them.

Colt is a global high bandwidth network and voice services provider. Its website forms a fundamental part of its marketing and support function.

We started working with Colt on a programme of work to analyse its users and competitors with a view to making recommendations for website improvements.


We created three reviews focusing on UX, design and content; analytics; and competitors. We also interviewed over 25 stakeholders across different countries and roles.

We carried out two surveys: one for general Colt staff but the other focusing on Colt’s Livechat operators. It was difficult to get feedback from representative customers so we felt that the Livechat operators would have the most valuable insights on user requirements.

Useful tools

The research work fed into the next stage of the project which was to develop tools that would help define how the site should be redesigned. This manifested as Customer Journey Maps and a greyscale prototype representing a new information architecture, layout and content priorities.

User journey for Enterprise Customers
We worked with Colt to create customer journeys for its key user groups.
Screenshot of Colt prototype website.
A prototype website provides a tangible, understandable and testable vehicle for new site development. We think they are a lot more useful than a written specification document.

Redesign and build

Following the initial project, Colt decided that they’d like us to implement our recommendations.

We embarked on a project to create a design to reflect Colt’s new brand as well as reflecting the new structure and content included on the prototype.

The site runs on WordPress and utilises Mutlipress to deliver different language content.

Screenshot of german language Colt homepage.
The Colt website delivers content in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.