UX Design

  • Marcus Lillington

    Humans like alphabetically ordered lists

    Well, humans that use a latin-based alphabet do. But this can present challenges for the presentation of certain types of content.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Be careful with animation

    Due to our work in the legal sector, we tend to keep an eye out for new site launches when they happen. One recent example caught our attention possibly for the wrong reasons.

  • Chatbots, always available customer support or know nothings?

    After reading Build Chatbots with PHP by Christoph Rumpel I started making some simple chatbots and quite quickly moved on to more complex interactions. It didn’t take long to get something basic up and running, which in turn, got me really excited about the possibilities.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Can’t get any user input?

    We all – rightly – point at user research as the foundation of any good web project. Thorough user research equals focused and usable products, right? But what should we do if we can’t get to those users?

  • Chris Scott

    Design for user empowerment: helping people with health conditions

    You know you have a health condition, but do you need to see a doctor? You are being treated for a medical condition, but should you be getting additional investigations or treatment?

  • Marcus Lillington

    Are carousels that bad really?

    I want to challenge current web industry thinking concerning carousels/sliders/galleries (which is – in a nutshell – they’re bad) with what, seemingly, most of the world thinks of them.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Readability apps and why they annoy me

    Readability apps like Hemingway have bugged me for a while and I haven’t been able to put my finger on why. So, I thought I’d lay out my ideas here to see if I can get to the bottom of it.

  • Chris Scott

    Six factors for digital prototyping success

    In a previous article I looked at making the case for prototyping in digital projects.

  • Chris Scott

    Eight good reasons for digital prototyping

    Prototyping is a great approach for getting started with any new digital development and for making rapid progress. We all know it makes sense. But if you need to make the case for prototyping, have you thought of all the possible reasons?

  • Dan Sheerman

    Are companies sharing your personal email address?

    As a follow up to a recent post from Marcus about good and bad user experiences, I thought I’d share a handy tip I use (and you can) to keep track of where your email address ends up after you’ve given it to a company.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Super shiny perfect customer service or you’re dead!

    I know I’m guilty of coming up with the odd blog title that could be described as link bait, and it would appear that this one is no exception, but no… I genuinely mean it from a business sense.

  • Chris Scott

    Lovely data

    We’ve been working with lots of data recently in several projects and it’s been a lot of fun. Trying to figure out how best to present the data has made us think about user interfaces and user engagement in ways that we hadn’t really had to do much before.

  • Marcus Lillington

    The homepage is dead. Long live the homepage.

    Or, more precisely, the homepage is not as popular as it once was. But, it’s still quite important, at least for now. Not such a pithy or, er, linkbait-y title though is it.

  • Chris Scott

    British Medical Association Award for COPD app

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a disease of the lungs that affects around 1 million people in the UK.

  • Ed Merritt

    Creating useful pattern libraries

    Pattern libraries are great, but designing them (well) is difficult.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Does Agile methodology lead to poor interface design?

    There has been a lot of finger pointing at frameworks such as Bootstrap for an apparent depreciation in design standards lately. But, I think that Agile methodologies have something to answer for as well.

  • Leigh Howells

    Does your site have charisma?

    Over the last couple of years I’ve heard many people bemoan the fact that a lot of websites “are all starting to look the same”. There’s a certain amount of truth in this.