Customer experience

  • Chris Scott

    Design for user empowerment: helping people with health conditions

    You know you have a health condition, but do you need to see a doctor? You are being treated for a medical condition, but should you be getting additional investigations or treatment?

  • Chris Scott

    Building commitment to digital transformation

    The University of Edinburgh shows what it takes to build momentum and commitment for lasting transformation.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Are carousels that bad really?

    I want to challenge current web industry thinking concerning carousels/sliders/galleries (which is – in a nutshell – they’re bad) with what, seemingly, most of the world thinks of them.

  • Chris Scott

    Six factors for digital prototyping success

    In a previous article I looked at making the case for prototyping in digital projects.

  • Chris Scott

    Eight good reasons for digital prototyping

    Prototyping is a great approach for getting started with any new digital development and for making rapid progress. We all know it makes sense. But if you need to make the case for prototyping, have you thought of all the possible reasons?

  • Dan Sheerman

    Are companies sharing your personal email address?

    As a follow up to a recent post from Marcus about good and bad user experiences, I thought I’d share a handy tip I use (and you can) to keep track of where your email address ends up after you’ve given it to a company.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Super shiny perfect customer service or you’re dead!

    I know I’m guilty of coming up with the odd blog title that could be described as link bait, and it would appear that this one is no exception, but no… I genuinely mean it from a business sense.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Open Source isn’t really what clients want

    Headscape used to offer its own content management system (CMS) to would be clients. It was first developed back in the early noughties when CMSs were ridiculously expensive and crap to use.

  • Chris Henderson

    Sorry, your site is not responsive

    Responsive sites are here and have been for a while now. I think they’re great but I cannot help feeling that a lot of people are missing an important point.

  • Ed Merritt

    Creating useful pattern libraries

    Pattern libraries are great, but designing them (well) is difficult.

  • Marcus Lillington

    Does Agile methodology lead to poor interface design?

    There has been a lot of finger pointing at frameworks such as Bootstrap for an apparent depreciation in design standards lately. But, I think that Agile methodologies have something to answer for as well.

  • Leigh Howells

    Does your site have charisma?

    Over the last couple of years I’ve heard many people bemoan the fact that a lot of websites “are all starting to look the same”. There’s a certain amount of truth in this.