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We have been helping our clients plan, implement and evolve their websites and other digital products for over 16 years.

We work across many sectors, specialising in charity, heritage, higher education, and law.

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  • Marcus Lillington

    Be careful with animation

    Due to our work in the legal sector, we tend to keep an eye out for new site launches when they happen. One recent example caught our attention possibly for the wrong reasons.

  • Ian Luckraft

    When to use a custom search solution

    Website search can often be a thorny subject. Expectations of search capabilities have been set very high by search engines. The default search offered by content management systems (CMSs) is often a bit basic by comparison. For example, the results are often not the most relevant to the search term used because the CMS is […]

  • Dan Sheerman

    Initial thoughts on using Gutenberg

    Dan talks about his experience of developing the new Headscape site, with a focus on working with the Gutenberg editor.

  • Boagworld Icon

    Remote working and finding meaning in our jobs

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    This week at the Boagworld Meetup, we discuss remote working, finding meaning in our job and the terror of preparing a presentation.