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  • When to use a custom search solution

    Website search can often be a thorny subject. Expectations of search capabilities have been set very high by search engines. The default search offered by content management systems (CMSs) is often a bit basic by comparison. For example, the results are often not the most relevant to the search term used because the CMS is only offering a simple “does this page contain this word” method.

  • Chris Scott

    Three practical ways Google Site Search offers a superior experience

    Your content management system’s native search will do a good job for standalone websites. But what if you’ve got a more complex situation? Google Site Search might be the right solution.

  • Chris Scott

    Searching for the ideal search solution

    Over recent years we’ve used either native Drupal search or SOLR in our web projects. Neither has been ideal. Recently though we’ve been deploying Google Site Search and we like it a lot.