Working in web

  • Chris Scott

    Interview with Michael Laffan of the British Lung Foundation

    Michael has been digital and marketing manager at the UK’s lung health charity, the British Lung Foundation, for four years. With 12 years’ experience in previous digital roles, Michael was recruited to transform BLF’s use of digital.

  • Dan Sheerman

    How to choose the right technology for your project

    Sometimes we have technologies foisted upon us. Sometimes that’s bad. Sometimes it’s good. This post examines approaches we can all learn from when selecting technologies.

  • My first DrupalCon

    2016 was the year for my first DrupalCon. I am now back fresh from Dublin and feel positively enthused about the direction Drupal is heading in and the progress being made with Drupal 8 (D8).

  • Enjoying getting it wrong

    During my teens and twenties I spent a lot of time skateboarding. It’s quite a unique sport in the way it influences your life as a whole. For example, you begin to look at architecture in a new creative way. You also fall over, a lot.

  • Differentiating the wants and needs of a project team

    Being a project manager involves far more than being a manager of projects.

  • Dan Sheerman

    The life/work imbalance

    Working 24/7 doesn’t make you any better or worse at your job, it will just burn you out. I’ve been there, and I’m not going back.