Training & mentoring

We don’t believe in making our clients reliant on our expertise. We want to teach the people we work with what we know so they can be digital experts too. That way our clients have ownership over their own digital strategies.

We help empower you and your team in three ways.

Inspiring speaking

If opening the eyes of management or inspiring colleagues about digital is your goal, then Paul Boag is your man.

Paul is a well respected speaker who delivers keynote talks at conferences around the world. Described as inspiring, enthusiastic, and passionate, he speaks at industry conferences and corporate events. Each talk he gives is tailored to his audience. This might be discussing digital transformation with the European Commission or user experience at the Future Insights conference in Vegas.

Watch Paul in action

Hands-on workshops

We spend a lot of time running workshops with our clients. We believe they represent a great opportunity to get our hands dirty and dive into the nitty-gritty that many organisations face.

Paul Boag running a workshop
Our workshops cover a diverse range of subjects.

These half or full day workshops can cover any number of subjects such as designing for mobile or learning how to map customer journeys. We even cover subjects as diverse a writing for the web and ensuring the long term maintainability of a site.

Digital coaching

It can be hard staying up-to-date with the latest innovations in digital. With so many responsibilities it often proves impossible to learn and stay abreast of digital skills.

That is why we offer one-to-one mentoring. We want to equip our clients to do their job. We help developers improve their coding, marketers better understand social media and management teams implement digital strategy.

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Presentations, workshops & coaching on the use of digital.