Wilson Sonsini

Wilson Sonsini is a tech-focused law firm with a history that closely traces the birth and evolution of Silicon Valley. Wilson Sonsini represented Apple in its first IPO. It now represents tech giants such as Google and Twitter/X. The company is made up of over 1,000 attorneys across the US and worldwide.

Wilson Sonsini’s main site was failing to serve the firm’s many prospective employees from students through to senior associates. We were brought in to develop a new careers website that focused on the needs of its users.

We carried out an in-depth discovery phase that included surveys, interviews, and testing with law students and attorneys that had recently joined the firm. The research raised some interesting points that we were able to translate into the design of the site.

For example, for the most part the site’s audiences are under the age of 30. This meant that we could be a little bold with the design (for a law firm) with video and other visual content being a feature.

The video “shorts”, dark background, and generally bold design were well received by the site’s target audiences during testing.

Another example was prospective employees want to be able to make contact with attorneys that previously attended their law school. So, we included an Alumni Finder.

This screenshot taken from the Experienced Attorneys landing page show the Alumni Finder front and centre. Relevant job openings are also listed prominently.

It also quickly became clear that prospective employees know what area of specialism they want to work in and/or they know where they want to work. We included a Find Your Path ‘wizard’ on the site that guides users to relevant information.

A screenshot taken from the ‘Find Your Path’ wizard showing someone identifying as a Law Student or Recent Graduate. They’ve selected Mergers & Acquisitions as the practice they’re interested in, and they’re about to select New York as their preferred location. On submission they are taken to a customised Law Student landing page that includes information on the M&A practice, the New York office and job openings pertinent to both.

The site is built on WordPress and is customised with components and tools that enable the Wilson Sonsini team to create content that drives engagement and motivates employment applications.

A screenshot showing some of the design components available to the site’s editors.