University of Edinburgh

In-depth user research and a vision of future student digital experiences have transformed attitudes to digital throughout the University of Edinburgh.

Like many Universities, the University of Edinburgh has a major focus on ensuring high quality student experiences. The University’s Chief Information Officer had identified student digital experiences as a key area in need of attention.

During 2016 we worked with the University to help develop the case for transforming student digital experiences and the University’s approach to digital service provision.

Thank you again for the excellent presentation and work. There has been some very positive feedback.

Gavin McLachlan, Chief Information Officer, University of Edinburgh

At the heart of our process was a series of in-depth, videoed interviews with students in which we asked students to talk us through aspects of their digital experiences. We used workshops involving students and front-line staff to validate our findings.

We compiled and categorised a collection of evidence for change in the form of video clips, images and quotes. This evidence was assembled into a presentation.

In addition to assembling evidence we developed a visualisation of future digital experiences. This built on earlier work by the University’s digital team, with support from Headscape, which led to the development of the Edinburgh Global Experience Language – a reusable set of design patterns and code modules.

Our work culminated in a series of presentations given by Headscape director Chris Scott to a total audience of over 200 staff throughout the University. These presentations presented the case for change, a vision of the possible and key components of a strategy for advance.

UoE phone screenshots
Mockups of digital service user interfaces based on Edinburgh’s Global Experience Language.