Keeping you up-to-date

With the web evolving at a phenomenal rate it can be hard for a website owner to stay on top of best practice. That’s why we believe it is important for us to share our knowledge in as many ways as possible.

If you are interested in staying informed, we have got you covered.


Several of our team regularly speak on web design related topics all around the world.

Paul Boag has been speaking internationally on web design best practice since 2006. He speaks on a variety of subjects from web strategy to accessibility to user experience. In 2012 he has spoken at over 12 conferences in 4 different countries!

Marcus Lillington is one of the co-founders of Headscape and teaches many of our private workshops. His laid back presentation style and knowledge of content management makes him a superb tutor for clients looking to improve their content. Marcus also occasionally runs workshops at conferences such as Future of Web Design and also co-hosts a weekly web design podcast.


As well as speaking, Paul also runs a number of workshops. These include workshops associated with conferences, but also private workshops tailored to a specific organisation’s needs.

Workshops are typically highly interactive sessions. We like to keep the number of participants small to encourage in-depth discussion.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your organisation, contact us and we will set something up.


Probably our primary outlet for sharing best practice is Paul’s website,Boagworld. Although this started as Paul’s personal blog, it now includes regular posts from all of the Headscape team.

Boagworld is aimed at website owners so it keeps the language in layman’s terms but, if you want something more technical, then visit The Barn, our website run by our designers and developers.


We also share our expertise and experience, through a range of books that Paul publishes. Titles include, Client Centric Web Design, Building Websites For Return On Investment and the Website Owners Manual.


Headscape run an award winning web design podcast, packed with great advice for all those involved in designing, developing and running websites on a daily basis.

Hosted by Paul and Marcus, and described as the Top Gear for web design, it will keep you informed about latest best practice, while attempting to entertain you at the same time!

Fact sheets

There are certain common issues that crop up regularly among our clients. We have produced a series of fact sheets covering each of these areas, which we also make publicly available. They include:


Sometimes, despite all of the materials we post online, people just want to sit down with us and have a chat about their project. Obviously, if you want to work with us we are more than happy to have those conversations. However, occasionally you might just want a bit of advice.

If you just want to have a 30–60 minute chat you can do so through our consultancy clinic. Think of it as a doctor’s consultancy for your site.