We know and understand the heritage sector.

Back before Headscape even existed, we began our long relationship with the heritage sector when we worked with the National Trust.

This continued with us creating most of the English Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty websites.

Recently we have worked with National Parks UK, London Metropolitan Archives and the Broads Authority.

We provide a range of services tailored for the heritage sector, as follows.

Research and discovery

We do user research, user testing, stakeholder research, competitor reviews and website assessments. Based on collected evidence and working with in-house teams we help our clients to create user personas and map the journeys of their users.

This forms a baseline for the design of effective digital services aimed at charity audiences.

Headscape have exceeded our expectations for our new design, in all stages of the process. They did a lot of listening, they came up with ideas that we would never have thought of on our own, and questioned our assumptions to hone the site to really concentrate on our key messages to our key audiences.

The code Headscape delivered is so flexible that images, videos, galleries, block quotes, social media buttons and any other type of content can be placed in different areas of the column layout, and our feature boxes and lists can optionally contain images, links, bullets and captions. There is consistent styling, but we can fit the design to each individual piece of content, not have to re-work our content to fit with a rigid design – and that is why I would strongly recommend working with the team at Headscape.

Charlotte Westney, Digital Communications Manager, National Parks UK

Digital strategy

Input from an independent external source can often help to facilitate the setting of objectives and priorities. We have the experience to be able to help. We also advise on team building and processes to enable our clients to implement strong digital leadership within their organisations.

We know that implementing strategies can be hard. We support our clients’ internal communications to help ensure that change is understood, accepted and genuinely transforming.

User experience design

We take a collaborative approach to architecting great user experiences, working with in-house digital teams and building on what we learn from testing and analytics.

National Parks homepage
The National Parks’ design utilises the most stunning imagery. This is a departure from previous branding guidelines that made the inclusion of people mandatory in all images. We challenged this based on what the Parks’ social media community is sharing: gorgeous, scenic panoramas.


We build testable prototypes, responsive front-end code and content management systems based on Drupal and WordPress. We use the best of current practices and create tools, such as pattern libraries, to support the implementation of design standards.

A screenshot taken from the Royal Hospital Chelsea tennis court booking system.


We implement custom digital analytics dashboards to provide insights into user behaviour and support decision making.

How can we help?

Get in touch. We would love to discuss the challenges you face and make some suggestions about how we might help.

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