Paul Boag

Digital Strategist

My 20 years working in the web has been a roller coaster ride including the cubicles of IBM to the dot com boom and bust of the early two thousands. But, my favourite time, by far, has been since I co-founded Headscape in 2002 with Marcus and Chris.

What do you do at Headscape?

I have probably the broadest role of anybody at Headscape. I am primarily a digital strategist who works closely with our clients to shape their digital direction and put an organisational structure in place to support that (often known as digital transformation). I spend a considerable amount of time educating others about digital best practice. I write extensively online, have written several books and speak around the world. I also run workshops for clients and present at organisations such as the BBC and European Commission.

What has been your favourite project and why?

I love projects with clear, measurable objectives. This enables me to judge just how successful the recommendations we make and the changes we implement actually are. Take for example our work with Wiltshire Farm Foods. Over 5 years we were able to increase their ecommerce sales by 10,000%. That is extremely satisfying. Even more satisfying is our work with charities who are seeking to increase donations. You get the satisfaction of seeing a measurable increase, while also knowing you are helping people.

What else have you worked on?

I am involved to some extent in the vast majority of Headscape’s work. In addition, I write for .net magazine, Smashing Magazine and econsultancy. Finally, I host a web design podcast that seems marginally popular.