Paul Boag

Non-Executive Director

Personal Site:

Paul Boag was one of the three original founders of Headscape. He is now an independent digital consultant and no longer works at Headscape. But he is still a director and collaborates with the Headscape team on specific projects.

What do you do at Headscape?

I will always have a close relationship with Headscape even though I no longer work there everyday. After helping found a company and then working there for 13 years you can never let it go.

I remain a shareholder in the business and continue to act as a director. I am there as an advisor and sounding board for Chris and Marcus, helping where I can.

I also collaborate with Headscape on key projects. With my experience in consultancy and Headscape’s world class design and development skills, it makes sense!

What has been your favourite project?

I love projects with clear, measurable objectives. This enables me to judge just how successful the recommendations we make and the changes we implement actually are. Take for example our work with Wiltshire Farm Foods. Over 5 years we were able to increase their ecommerce sales by 10,000%. That is extremely satisfying. Even more satisfying is our work with charities who are seeking to increase donations. You get the satisfaction of seeing a measurable increase, while also knowing you are helping people.