Some agencies specialise in “front-end” development, others “back-end”. We’re experts in both. We create beautifully crafted responsive HTML and CSS but we can also integrate it with business systems.

Front-end development

Beautiful websites are more than just skin deep. At Headscape we firmly believe that the user interfaces for beautiful websites should be implemented in ways that are flexible and use modern best practice.

Although we use technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, we still ensure the websites we build work in older browsers too. Javascript and AJAX support the progressive enhancement of user interfaces for browsers and devices that support such technologies, but without leaving users of older browsers stranded on unusable sites. We believe in providing an acceptable experience for all users. In other words, the sites we create are built to work in pretty much any browser or device.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that your site will look identical in every browser. Older browsers simply can’t offer the same experience as more modern browsers so there will be aesthetic differences in presentation between, say, IE8 and Firefox.

Responsive design

We’ve got a great track record of creating websites that deliver exceptional user experience on touchscreen and mobile devices as well as desktop.

We’ve been designing and coding responsive user interfaces for years. Everything we build these days is responsive.

Pattern libraries

We create pattern libraries (sometimes referred to as a GEL: Global Experience Language) and repositories of design elements. A pattern library is a collection of design elements that appear multiple times across a site. Typical examples might include:

A pattern library, documents all of these ‘patterns’ (also often known as modules) and defines how they behave, what they look like and how they are coded.

Back-end development

Chelsea Pensionser website on an iPad Mini

We have a dedicated team of developers who specialise in bringing rich functionality to the websites we work on. Working using a range of languages including PHP and .net we have: