Websites are successful because of their content, not their design.

At Headscape we believe that every website needs an owner; a person responsible for the site’s direction and most importantly, its content. This is not something any agency can do for you, but we are here to help. This is how:

Taking stock

It’s easy for the content on your website to get out of control. We can help by carrying out a content audit. By reviewing every page, we identify what is working and find ROT (redundant, outdated and trivial content), that can be removed or updated.

If a site is too large to review manually, we use a combination of automated tools and processes to establish when content should be reviewed and how. For example, content that receives less than a certain level of traffic may automatically be removed from the site.

Establishing tone of voice

Many sites have evolved over time with content written by a variety of different authors with different writing styles. We work with our clients to establish a consistent writing style that can be used across a website. For example, if your website was a famous person, who would it be? Writing in the style of that person is easier than following endless guidelines.

Writing for the web

Just because somebody is a proficient writer, doesn’t make them good at writing for the web. Online content requires a different writing style than print so different skills need to be acquired.

We help to teach those skills by running workshops, providing guidance documentation and producing samples to work from.

Planning your social media strategy

Not all online content is limited to your website. Much of it happens on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. This form of content may not be as polished as the copy on your site, but it’s just as important.

We have years of experience running online communities and have become experts at communicating messages through social networks. Although we believe that only you can build a community with your users, we can help avoid common pitfalls through workshops, documentation and other forms of training.

Whatever form online content takes, it cannot be simply outsourced to an agency. However, we can bring our experience to the table and provide guidance on handling your online content and engagement with your community.

Content strategy

Content strategy is a much-used term and can apply to many different things. Typically for us, a content strategy will focus on tone of voice, copy examples, policies (e.g. for content removal), team requirements and editorial calendar.