Digital Transformation

Launching a new website is no longer enough

Digital has become complex, with websites, intranets, social media, mobile and more. Redesigning your site every few years is not going to allow you to compete in the digital economy. Instead organisations need to make fundamental changes.

Digital has raised customer expectations. They now expect a higher level of service from organisations. Social media has given them a voice, mobile technology has led them to expect always on service and search has put the competition a click away.

If you are going to accommodate these new customer expectations, your organisation will have to change. Digital can no longer be seen as a bolt on to existing offerings. Instead it needs to permeate every aspect of your organisation affecting your people, processes and strategy.

Instigating change is hard

Encouraging well established organisations to change the way they work is a challenge. Culture, business silos and standard operating procedures all get in the way. Things are even more challenging when management don’t understand the impact of digital.

Don’t struggle alone

Trying to be a catalyst for change in an organisation is hard when you do it alone. Even with other digital evangelists supporting you it can be hard to get management’s attention. That is where we come in. We are experts at navigating politics, presenting a case for change and shaping a digital future.

Where to begin?

Get in touch. We would love to discuss the challenges you face and make some suggestions about how we might help.