Why work with Headscape

Our team's reputation

What really sets Headscape apart from the competition is the quality of its team. From international speakers and authors such as Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington, to the designers and developers behind the scenes who produce award-winning work.

But a good team is about more than the quality of its work and its reputation within the web design community. We also pride ourselves on being fun to work with, approachable and pragmatic.

  • Catherine Boag Catherine Office Manager
  • Ian luckraft Ian Developer
  • Chris Henderson Chris Developer
  • Chris Sanderson Chris Designer
  • Chris Scott Chris Director
  • Dan Sheerman Dan Developer
  • Ed Merritt Ed Designer
  • Leigh Howells Leigh Consultant
  • Marcus Lillington Marcus Director
  • Paul Boag Paul Director
  • Pete Boston Pete Project Manager

Our multi-disciplinary team

To build a successful website requires specialists from lots of different fields. While some web design agencies choose to partner with others, we believe that having all of the specialists working together under one roof is more efficient and improves results.

At Headscape we have expert designers, developers and strategists who can help you with everything from establishing your online strategy to building your site and promoting it.

We love complex projects

Call us masochists but we love complex projects. Whether it is our developers integrating a website with legacy systems or our front-end designers accommodating the needs of a diverse target audience, dealing with complex problems is what gets us up in the morning.

Also, in large organisations we know that some of the biggest challenges involve getting internal buy-in and battling bureaucracy. We have honed our processes over the years and built a reputation in tackling these issues effectively.

Our collaborative approach

If you are looking for somebody to build your website for you then you are looking in the wrong place. At Headscape we believe in building websites together with our clients. Our clients know their business objectives, understand their audiences, and need to live with their new website for years to come. It is therefore vital that they contribute to the development of the site and have a real sense of ownership over the final product.

If you choose to work with Headscape expect to roll up your sleeves and get involved. You will be contributing to the design process, producing wireframes with our team and helping to create and test information architectures.