Pete Boston

Project Manager


With a Graphic Design and Technical Illustration background, Pete has been working in the industry since 1998. With a self confessed love of organising, he fits nicely in to the role of Digital PM at Headscape.

What do you do at Headscape?

I take the reigns as project manager as soon as a client commissions us to start a project. I plan, schedule, liaise, mediate and test throughout the project life cycle and also manage the continual evolution of client sites once they have gone live.

As well as running projects, I lead the management of Headscape’s internal production activity.

What has been your favourite project and why?

Difficult question. One of the great things about working in the digital industry is that one gets to get to know all sorts of business sectors, from butterfly charities to universities to U.S. law firms.

For me, the work we have done and continue to do for Dickstein Shapiro stands out. I have enjoyed being deeply involved from the very early stages of our consultation with Dickstein, and seen through a project that has included a complete redesign, the implementation of a CMS and integration with third party systems. I also ran user/design testing and CMS training sessions across the pond which has given me the opportunity to get to know and love the beautiful city of Washington DC.

What else have you worked on?