Tom Harvey

Tom is Headscape’s newest web developer, an occasional sys admin and frequent gig attendee who’s been making stuff on this new fangled ‘international network of networks’ thing for the past 10 years (remember Geocities?). Tom helped to run several successful conferences alongside university and tries to attend as many events as possible – and he’s even trying to start a blog over at

What do you do at Headscape?

As a web developer I get to do all of the clever behind the scenes stuff (commonly known as voodoo) – which makes each website do what it’s supposed to do.

What do you do when you aren’t doing that?

I love exploring new places – with London being one of my favourite places to go as there’s always something new around every corner. When I’m not doing that I’m generally watching a live band – or planning which one I’ll be watching next!

What has been your favourite project and why?

Whilst I’ve only worked on a couple of project so far, I think the new Butterfly Conservation website is my favourite – who doesn’t like butterflies?

Do you have a hobby or interest we should know about?

I’ve been known to attend live musical performances from time to time – lots of live musical performances actually – so many that I’ve lost count…

What is your greatest personal achievement?

I somehow managed to help organise a successful series of conferences and hold a part-time job alongside my degree – I might have even managed to sleep at some point…

Share a few of your favourite things

I love Pimms, apple crumble and the odd festival. However, nothing beats sliding down a snowy mountain.