Leigh Howells

Leigh is a designer with 15 years experience, now working in user experience. He's been helping websites look better, be more organised and work better since grey backgrounds were the norm. He's a jack of all trades, from video to music and still trying to master at least one of them. He survives on coffee and custard creams and blogs occasionally from his own planet.

What do you do at Headscape?

I analyse. I write. I have ideas. I wireframe. I create.

What do you do when you aren’t doing that?

When not doing this I can be found at my piano, trying to play guitar, fiddling with gadgetry, paddling up the river, drinking coffee, looking through a viewfinder, appreciating films, listening to audio books or lost deep within a digital audio workstation.

What has been your favourite project to work on and why?

Up to the Seaside.  A few years back now I made a first person undersea laboratory in 3D using Director… I wrote music, created film, graphics, sound effects, designed and produced games…  The most fun and creative project ever.

Do you have a hobby or interest we should know about?

I adore the water.  I learnt to sail a few years ago, love the river, the sea, lakes, fishing, kayaking and swimming.

What is your greatest personal achievement?

Getting away with it.

Share a few of your favourite things

Had a piano since I was a baby. Been playing it for as long as I could reach it. I'm a dawn swimmer, and snorkel when I'm somewhere there's something worth seeing. One of my favourite pastimes on a summer's day, tootling off up the river. Bliss. My super wonderful, comfortable Behringer DT250s. Glued to my head much of the time. Biscuits! Mmmmm, I love 'em. Especially dipped in tea/coffee. My trusty cappuccino pot. Makes excellent stove top cappuccino.

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