Consultancy Clinic

Do you have an idea for a web project? Do you need some advice on how to take your website forward? Then you should consider booking into the Headscape consultancy clinic.

A new way to get expert advice

Here at Headscape we know that traditional web consultancy isn't always what you need. Sometimes you do not require a face-to-face meetings or detailed analysis. All you need is an opportunity to talk over your web project with an expert third party. A consultancy clinic provides that opportunity.

What is a consultancy clinic?

A consultancy clinic is an online meeting where you can discuss your web project with an expert web strategist.

Meetings are typically held over Skype although they could also be done on the phone or using tools like GoToMeeting. In your call the consultant can review websites, discuss strategy and answer any web related question you have.

Calls can be as long or as short as you want. You are charged in 30 minute blocks.

Who would I speak with?

Headscape consultancy clinics are run by Paul Boag, co-founder of Headscape and primary web strategist at the company.

Paul is a well respected and influential figure within the web design community. He is the author of the Website Owners Manual, host of the award winning web design podcast Boagworld and internationally renowned speaker.

With over 12 years experience working with a wide variety of organisations from the smallest startup to internationally recognised brands, Paul is ideally placed to provide the best web strategy advice available.

Is a clinic right for me?

Well that depends on your needs! A consultancy clinic is perfect for...

  • Entrepreneurs keen to discuss the practicalities of their web based initiatives
  • Project managers in need of advice on running their web projects
  • Those who require assistance in writing briefs and engaging with web designers
  • Website owners looking to improve their existing website
  • Graduates and students who need advice on launching their web design careers
  • Management concerned about their overall web strategy
  • Those looking for ways to promote traffic and stimulate growth on their sites
  • Also for web designers

    The Headscape consultancy clinics is not just limited to website owners. It is also ideal for web designers. Maybe you need advice on sales and marketing? Or perhaps you are having problems getting design signoff? Whatever your problem, we are more than willing to discuss the approaches that have kept our clients happy since 2002.

    A clinic is not suitable for larger organisations seeking in-depth guidance on their web strategy. If that is you, we recommend you contact us directly to arrange a face to face meeting.

    How to book

    A consultancy clinic with Paul Boag costs £60+VAT per 30 minutes. Payment is made via PayPal on receipt of invoice. To book simply complete the form below.