Boagworld for iOS

Boagworld for iOS

The Boagworld iOS app is a native iPhone application that allows users quick access to the archive of web design content available through

Although started off as the personal site of Headscape co-founder Paul Boag, it quickly became known as an indispensable source of advice for those who design, develop or run websites.

Users have been able to access Paul’s advice via a responsive website, vibrant forum, award winning podcast and various ebooks. However, boagworld lacked a native iPhone app.

The guys at Headscape decided to rectify this omission by developing an app in their spare time.

Version 1 of the app passed Apple’s strict review process first time and now provides boagworld users with features such as:

  • Offline access to all posts.
  • Streaming audio of podcasts and audio tips.
  • Easy access to the sharing features built into iOS.
  • Powerful search facilities.
  • Shake to refresh features.

Feedback from the design and development savvy boagworld community has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments have included: “Absolutely love the new Boagworld app for iOS” and “Playing with the new Boagworld iOS app. Really nice app!

Download Boagworld for iOS or view more case studies.