University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is an ancient and highly respected institution. It also carries out innovative research and is located in a vibrant city.

The greatest challenge for the redesign was to capture the history of the institution while still promoting that Glasgow is a modern, forward-thinking University.

We assisted with the research process, interviewing stakeholders to discover requirements and priorities, and with the development of the information architecture. Based on inputs from a wide range of sources, Headscape created a new design concept and page templates for integration by the Glasgow web team.

We experienced a usage spike in many areas of the site immediately after launch. Over 6 weeks [3 before and 3 after the launch] we have noted a 33% increase in external visitors to our postgraduate research opportunities, and a 10% drop in visits to /services. This is exactly what we we’re after. We’re still collating user feedback but on the whole this has been positive, especially from those in our key core audiences. We also checked for any tweets regarding the redesign, and these were wholly positive: one stating that it made them ‘proud to be a graduate’. Craig Easton, Web Team Lead

Following the initial design project, we were engaged by Glasgow in the spring of 2014 to carry out a program of work initially aimed at developing a web content strategy. During the course of the work, our recommendations to extend the scope to address Glasgow’s broader digital strategy were accepted. We have recently completed our final strategy recommendations.

Our work has covered review, stakeholder interviews, user survey, workshops, development of strategy documentation and senior management presentations. Headscape’s recommendations have been accepted by Glasgow’s Director of Marketing Communications and we are now in the process of supporting her in making the case for changes and recruitment to the senior management team.