Selecta DNA

Selecta DNA

Recently Headscape worked with Selecta DNA, in order to create a website promoting their innovative anti-theft products. The emphasis was on a simple, effective design which allowed for the impressive theft deterrent statistics to speak for themselves.
The SelectaDNA site was designed to work on any device.

Selecta DNA is a way of marking property with a uniquely coded DNA solution which is then registered online. Not only does it make property easily returnable in the event of theft, it also acts as a deterrent. The figures are excellent, with the use of Selecta DNA reducing theft by up to 83%. That undeniably speaks for itself, so we decided to let it!

Sometimes a product is developed which is so innovative and brilliant that it’s largely self promoting.

Less is more

It would be very easy to go overboard with design to really try and emphasise how fantastic the product is, but there is a danger there that the website would become too busy and the message of innovation lost. Instead, we chose to provide a simple design back drop with an emphasis on the theft reduction statistic.

That might make it sound like an easy task, but the execution of ‘less is more’ is much more challenging than it sounds. The hard part of this project was stripping it right back and choosing what not to include, allowing the user focus to be placed entirely on the product.

Here at Headscape, we are nothing if not versatile when it comes to the technical requirements of our clients. Selecta DNA asked that their website be built using Twitter Bootstrap, which allowed us to create the site using the web designer equivalent of lego blocks.

This presented its own set of challenges when it came to customisation. Having limited experience with Bootstrap we had to take time to figure out how it all worked. Once we had, we threw ourselves into it. The result is an awesome website which both us and the client can be proud of.