In late 2011 Headscape was engaged to assist Interxion in the process of architecting and designing a new website.

Working with Interxion’s in-house team, branding agency and EPiServer CMS development agency, Headscape conducted a programme of pre-production research, UX design, design testing and templates development.

Launched in July 2012, the multi-lingual site has a fully responsive user interface. The new design reflects Interxion’s brand personality combining, strength and robustness with personable, responsive service delivery and forward-looking ethos.

In order to meet the tight deadlines set by the board for the website project we needed to build a high performing team combining Interxion’s people and our selected suppliers. Right from the off Headscape delivered great ideas and high quality work that was always on time. Headscape also provided valuable support in managing stakeholder expectations and navigating the process of design sign-off by Interxion’s European operating companies. Kevin Dean, Chief Marketing Officer.